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GlideCycle Running Bike

Welcome to the Weightless
Running Revolution!

X-Runners....Run Hard,
Run Fast, Run Long Again

Train Harder, Lose Weight,
Get Fit Without Pain:

Run Weightless!

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Introducing the GlideCycle

Walk or Run without the pain of Gravity!

If you want to get fit, lose weight…if you want to run more often, run harder, run further or start running again……….if you want to get out of the gym and run or even walk all day touring without pain…then you need to join the Weightless Running Revolution

GC-X Runner by GlideCycle!

  • Experience running with the body weight of a child, and the muscle power of an adult!!!
  • You can bring superhuman speed and endurance your workouts….. Run or walk faster and longer than ever before
  • Take your fitness level to new levels and have fun for hours outside where the athlete in us all belongs!

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What Makes Glide Cycle Unique?

Our Problem is Gravity 

Over 50 million Americans go running each year and 116 million more folks walk outdoors for fitness. Each year up to 70% of these runners will experience an injury needing rehabilitation. 1.5 million of them and countless walkers will quit and head for the gym or the couch for good. Gravity is the root cause, as so many runners and walkers simply can’t bear the pounding of 2.4 to 4 times their weight in Ground Reaction Force. (BYU Study)

Solution: Weightless Running Revolution

A Brigham Young University sports research study found that, “runners using the GlideCycle experienced an 86% reduction in ground reaction force (GRF).” Our patented suspension system lifts the body by cradling the pelvis (no crotch pressure) into the natural spring arch frame and allows clients to achieve a closer motion to actual running or walking than any other equipment on earth. Running with wheels means running fast, far, and as hard as you want without impact pain.

Glide Cycling is the one great exercise that we can do together. Our Gliders have brought us closer together--especially running barefoot for miles on our hard sand beach. - Mark & Angie, GlideCycle Fans in Oregon