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The GlideCycle changed my life, and helped to transform me into an athlete.  I was struggling for years with an extra 50 pounds, mostly accrued after foot surgery.  As a result of unweighted training with my GlideCycle, my body responded, and the weight started to fall off!  I have now lost the 50 pounds, glide, and cross-train by lifting weights, riding a bicycle, hiking, and motorcycling.    Well, the motorcycle doesn't count, but I stay in shape to ride the Honda!  The GlideCycle has been the key for me.  Since it's a new sport, it takes due diligence to learn, but the results are wonderful.  It truly changes lives. 

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My husband and I run 3 to 10 miles every chance we can.  I can't run anymore and it is wonderful to join him outside and run together.

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What is a GlideCycle™ ?

The World's First Body Unweighted Sport Runner for everyone 

Have you stopped running or walking because of joint pain, injury or just because you think jogging is too hard on you?  If you have, then you have given up the best and most fun health tool ever known...and you should ask yourself: 

How can I run without pain???

Imagine if you could run on the moon...with less than .3 times your body weight!  Imagine how much fun it would be to run for 3, 5, 10, or even 20 miles being so light nothing hurt.  Imagine taking strides half as long as your car and averaging speeds of 8 to 12 mph.  Imagine if that were possible!!!    It is:   your GlideCycle™ will make it possible for you by allowing you to running with your Body Unweighted...


GlideCycle™ Body Unweighting 

Body Unweighting or partial weight bearing has been used by pro sports teams, elite athletes and competitive runners as a major key to performance enhancement, accelerated recovery from injury, and maintenance of  high level conditioning for years. Now, GlideCycle™ brings the Body Unweighted running experience to Anyone Outdoors!  Whether you are 12 years old or 85; in great athletic shape or deconditioned, impaired or overweight to even 350lbs, unweighting your body to .3 times the force of gravity will let you run as if you were on the moon...without the damaging and ego deflating post exercise pain and fatigue!  

The Ultimate Cross-Training and Recovery Day Solution 

Your GlideCycle™ can bring to you: pain-free distance running, interval training, powerful hill climbing and recovery workouts by eliminating damaging impact to knees, hips, back and ankle joints. With GlideCycle™ cross-training you will have the ability to protect and maintain healthy joints for a lifetime of exciting unweighted running and exercise outdoors and still train for strength, endurance and aerobic capacity. 

Go Anywhere  

GlideCycle™ on bike lanes, unpaved roads, woodland trails, hills and even hard sand beaches. GlideCycles™ break down and set up quickly, slip into their handy carry bag, and travel on your back, in the car, bus, airplane or even your canoe.

Run again with Anyone

Do you ever dream of running along with your partner, friends or kids who are training for a marathon?  Do you imagine wizzing by speedy joggers...or even running faster than your dog for a change?  When you run unweighted on your GlideCycle running bike you can----------and come in first...finally.

Proof in Research:  

A new Brigham Young University study states that GlideCycle™ reduced ground reaction force to .34 times Body Weight compared to running at 2.39 times body weight. That means a 250lb person running will hit the ground each step with 597lbs of ground reaction force...and only 85lbs running on a GlideCycle™.   


The GlideCycle™ Saddle...a totally new concept


The secret is GlideCycle's™  patented ergonomic saddle which lifts your body by your pelvis eliminating pressure on the sensitive perineal tissues of the crotch.  Your body is comfortably supported up into the GlideCycle™ smooth-arch suspension allowing you to run, walk, or glide along with super human speed and grace. You can run again,  along your favorite path with family and friends, or training hard on the track with your sports team.  Get your GlideCycle™ today and  experience the thrill of unweighted running and virtually zero impact.



GlideCycle™ Research and education


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How to Ride a GlideCycle™


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History of the GlideCycle™


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GlideCycle™ Product Overview

Learn about GlideCycle unweighted sport runners and how they are used in physical therapy, sports, low impact running, and adaptive sports, obesity, weightloss. Download PDF

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