Cool   GlideCycle is the world's finest running bicycle for everyone.  It is beyond low impact ellipitcals.  It is weightless running. 

  • Daily distance running 70% to  90% weightless
  • 10 to 20 mile daily runs at 5 to 8 minute mile paces
  • Run fast on pavement, trails, beaches
  • Run incredible fitness sprint trials...weightless and without impact.
  • Safe with 2wheel/2foot stability
  • Easy to learn in minutes
  • Folds up into a carry bag to toss in you car or closet. 
  • Saddle assembly is comfortable-no bicycle crotch pressure  
  • Get yours today HERE:   shop.jpg


 If you want to get fit, lose weight...if you want to run more, harder, further...if you want to get out of the gym running without pain for hours...then you need to join the Weightless Running Revolution with the                          GC X-Runner by GlideCycle!

Experience the closest motion to running without body weight on earth. GCX -Runner lets you run with superhuman speed and endurance....5 to 20 miles or more averaging from 5 to 12 minute miles depending on your fitness level. GCX-Runner is the world's finest weightless runner.

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Join the Weightless Running Revolution with your own GlideCycle™

GlideCycle World's Finest Running Bike



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GlideCycle is the world's finest Running Bike