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GlideCycle World's Finest Running Bike

Cool Click Pic ↑ for great videos.    GlideCycle is the world's finest running bicycle for everyone.  It allows daily distance running up to 90% weightless, and that means the most pain free running or walking possible on Earth!    GlideCycling is safe with 2wheel/2foot stablitiy.  It is easy to learn in minutes and folds up into a carry bag to toss in you car or closet.  It's saddle assembly is comfortable with no crotch contact at all.  Glidecycle lets you run  fast on pavement, trails or beachs, climb mountains and run incredible fitness sprint trials...all vitrually pain-free.  Call now 541 727 1409, talk to a trainer. 

CoolGlideTrak Weightless Treadmill TrainerCLICK HERE  GlideTrak_401_GREY_sm4 for web.jpg

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GlideCycle is the world's finest Running Bike